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About TKYD

Turkish Institutional Investment Managers’ Association (TKYD) was founded in 1999 in order to work for developing the institutional investors and making them more widespread, introducing them to a wider population, ensuring that the laws and regulations are encouraging the development of capital markets and institutional investment, and enhancing the Professional solidarity among its members.

TKYD represents the Collective Investment Undertakings and Portfolio Management Industry comprised of investment funds, individual pension funds, stock market investment funds, investment trusts, hedge funds, and individual/institutional portfolio management.

TKYD is an efficient non-governmental organization which acts as a bridge between the public authority and the industry and ensures communication within the industry for the purpose of expanding the institutional investors base. TKYD members are consisted of portfolio management companies, banks, insurance and pension companies, brokerage companies and investment trusts.

Investment funds, investment trusts, life insurance companies, individual pension funds, social security organizations make up the very foundation of the capital markets of a country. These organizations direct the savings and accumulation of their investors to long-term funds. A considerable portion of these funds head for the capital markets offering depth and stability to the stock markets.

TKYD determines the needs of the industry in lieu with these targets and conducts works via work groups and shares the results of these works and the opinions of the industry members with the public institutions and authorities. TKYD plays a key role in the high communication and relation management in the industry.

Collective Investment Undertakings and Portfolio Management Industry have got an important development potential. The new Capital Markets Law has introduced serious innovations in legal and tax procedures in order to make it possible to achieve world standards in our industry.

TKYD organizes various activities for its members aimed at building and developing an industrial solidarity as well as annual industry meetings and conferences that bring the representatives of the industry together, while it also conducts international activities via its EFAMA and IIFA memberships and is included to the World and European fund industry statistics by preparing industry reports.

It holds the annual TKYD Industry Meeting together with the managers and directors of the Capital Markets Board (SPK), the Treasury Undersecretariat, Istanbul Stock Exchange, Turkish Capital Markets Association (TSPB), Capital Markets Licensing Registry Keeping and Training Organization (SPL) and Istanbul Settlement and Custody Bank (Takasbank), Central Securities Depository, and Pension Monitoring Center.

Internationally, TKYD is a permanent member of the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) and International Investment Fund Association (IIFA). TKYD represents our country as a member of EFAMA’s Board of Directors.

Our Association has assumed similar works in our country as these two associations which contribute greatly to the Collective Investment Instruments Industry in the world and in Europe.